Goblin Slayer is graphic and that’s alright, right?


CrunchyRoll recently added a viewer discretion advisory to the beginning of Goblin Slayer. As previously discussed in the post below, this is a solution that informs viewers of potentially disturbing content, but allows them to decide for themselves whether or not to continue. They could specify that the advisory is for violent and sexual content if they wanted to take it a step further, but that isn’t really necessary.

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Just about every season, there’s at least one show that stirs up a bit of controversy for some reason or another. This time around, White Fox Studio’s Goblin Slayer is shaping up to be that point of contention. One episode in, the series follows Onna, a young priestess intent on becoming an adventurer. The RPG-esque premise and appearance is common enough, but the show’s graphic portrayal of sex and violence is causing a bit of an uproar within the anime-viewing community.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the controversy. This post contains images and subject matter that some readers may find disturbing and/or Not Safe For Work. Also, Spoiler Alert.

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